This is a quick guide with screen shots to demonstrate how to create and enter an observation.

 RightPath’s™ Observation platform enables users to collaborate and view observations in the classroom. The platform allows administrators to record observations on the customizable protocol adopted by the school district. The Observation platform can be used on tablets, smartphones, and various other electronic mobile devices.

Create an Observation

Observations are accessible from the APPR dropdown menu at the top of any page in RightPath™. To access the platform, go to the "APPR" dropdown menu. From the dropdown list, select "Observation Search".


You will be brought to the Observation Search page. From here you can search and view observations and start new observations. Click on the "Add Observation" button to add a new observation, located in the top right of the page.


A popup will be displayed to enter the data needed to create the observation. Details such as teacher, type(rubric), date, time, announced versus unannounced, school, grade and the class in which the observation will be conducted need to be added.  Once you have filled in the details you can choose Schedule & Start to start immediately or Schedule for later to create the observation form to come back to at a later time. 


Once you start the observation, you will be directed to the Observation form page for the type (rubric) observation you selected. Click on the appropriate radio buttons for the rating system your district uses. You can save and continue working on this evaluation by clicking on the "Save" button located at the top of the page at any time. An alert message at the top of the screen will let you know that you have successfully saved this observation.  Please note this screen may be different depending on the district and/or observation type. 



Entering Comments

Comments and Evidence can be entered by clicking on the "Comments/Evidence” button, next to the Domain name or by clicking the hyper link for each indicator. This will redirect you to the following page where text can be entered.  If your district uses stored comments, please see the section below.

  • Click the "Save Comments" button at any time to save your comments.
  • Click the "Save Comments and Return" button when you are finished with these comments and want to return to the Observation Edit page. Upon returning to the Observation, you will see the comments entered in the appropriate spot.
  • Click the "Cancel" button if you need to exit the comment section without saving and return to the observation.
  • Use View comment history to see any previously used comments that may have been deleted/not saved.


Stored Comments 

Some districts may choose to use stored comments. The user can create and store comments for their observations to be used over and over again on the same observation type/same domain.

To access the stored comments, you will click the “Add Evaluation” button from the Evaluation search page. Add the data that is needed to create your observation and click on the “Comments/Evidence” button in the Domain that you want to add the comments to. 


The screen will refresh and you will click on the “Show Saved Comments” button.

The page will refresh and you will click on the "Add New Comment" button. 

Enter the comment and click the “Save Comment” button.

When the screen refreshes, you will see your comment listed. You will have the option to edit (pencil) or delete (red circle) this comment. Click the “Insert” button to add the comment to this Domain.

You will notice the comment has been added. Next click the "Save Comments and Return" button to return to the Observation.

The comment has been added to the observation. This comment is now available to any observations of this type created going forward to be selected and added to this specific domain.

This comment will now be available on all new observations of the same type created after the comments were added to the comment bank.

Print an Observation

While in the Observation, you may render a pdf or word file or send a draft to the teacher by clicking on the appropriate button at the top of the screen. Click on the "PDF" drop down button and select PDF or Word option. Once you download the observation you can print it.


If you select the "Send a Draft" option, a new popup gives you the option to confirm this transaction or cancel it. If you select "OK" a copy of this observation is sent to the teacher to preview.


Once you have saved and finished the observation, you will click on the "Mark as Complete" button located at the top of the screen. You will be redirected back to the Observation Search page and you will see an alert message that the observation has been marked as complete.



From the Observation Search page, any observation can be edited, deleted, marked as complete or sent to the User.

To edit an observation, click on the red pencil on the left margin of the observation search grid to reopen the observation to make your changes.

Any other options that are available concerning observations will be accessible in the "Actions" section of the Observation Search grid. The available options are, Mark an Observation as Complete (disc icon), Send the Observation to the User (envelope icon), Copy an Observation (2 pages icon) and Delete an Observation (red circle icon). 

If you are completely done with the observation, click the disk icon in the Actions section to mark the observation as "complete".   This only completes the observation, if you want to send the observation to the teacher, you will need to click the envelope icon.   If you would like to make a copy of an observation, click the copy icon. If you want to delete an evaluation, click on the red circle with the white bar in it and confirm that you want to delete it.  A deleted evaluation can be filtered and found through the "Deleted" Status filter. 



Please note, the status of the observation will change in the "Status" Column when each icon is clicked allowing the administrator to see (and to filter by) the status.  Once the disk icon in selected, the icon will change to a lock icon and the word "Complete" will show in the grid.

Once the envelope is clicked, the word ‘Sent’ will now show in the Status column. This completes the evaluation.  

Once the observation is sent to the teacher, the teacher can acknowledge the observation.  The status will be marked "Acknowledged" once the teacher has opened their Right Reason Technologies email and reviewed the evaluation. If the teacher has opened the email, a green check mark will display in this column.

Adding Evidence to Observations

The process for all types of observations will be basically the same. To add evidence, click on the "Add evidence" button located at the top of the Observation form page.


To add teacher evidence to an evaluation, select the standard from the drop down menu and add a description. Enter the file name that you would like to add and click on the "Browse" button. You may add comments in the last text box.

Click the disk icon to add the evidence to your list of evidence available.

An alert message will let you know that the evidence has been added successfully. The evidence is now available to add to the observation.

Select the evidence you want to add to the observation by clicking in the check box on the left margin and click on the "Add Selected Evidence" button. 

You are then directed back to the observation edit page and will notice the evidence listed.  If you need to remove the evidence, click the remove button next to the evidence. 


Adding Narrative Notes to the Observations

To the "Edit" button in the narrative notes section. If there are existing narrative notes, they will display as read-only on the evaluation edit page.


The edit page will appear, and the narrative notes can be typed in the text box. You also have copy and paste capabilities in this text box. When you right click in the Narrative Notes section, you will notice multiple paste options. The "Save Comments" button will save the information and stay on the page. The "Save Comments and Return" button will save the comments and return you to the observation page.

To copy narrative notes to a domain/subdomain, highlight and right click the text in the read only narrative section while in the Observation Edit page. Select "Copy Selected Text To" to copy the comments over to the standard and the element that it belongs in.

Domain Scoring
You will select the appropriate radio buttons for each element. Once the selections are complete, the scores will be calculated. Domain scoring will be calculated based on the district rubric and will appear in the “Calculated Score” box. You can override the calculated score by typing in a new score in the “Override Score” box and clicking the ‘Calculate Score’ button.