Our RightPath™ October Release (coming Oct. 5th, 2014) will deliver workflow and functionality improvements to our APPR components.

Important Changes to Default Settings and/or Policy Updates

  • Building Admins will be able to review SLOs in their building by default.  If your district would like, we can remove this permission.
  • District Admins can review district SLOs by default.  If your district would like, we can remove this permission.  
  • As a policy change, Right Reason's client services staff can not perform any actions on observations. Reviewers will be able to unlock completed, but not acknowledged, observations.  They can perform a mutual unlock on evaluations that are sent or acknowledged. Additionally, they can copy an existing observation and submit that to the teacher.

HEDI Sheets

  • Renewed the NY State LEVEL 0 certification.  Export directly from RightPath™ and Import directly to NYS.
  • Districts can choose to lock HEDI sheets for previous school years, either at the time of exporting or before exporting when your HEDIs are completed.
  • New HEDI status report for quickly viewing a list of teachers component and composite scores in Excel.
  • Districts can now choose to mark partially complete HEDI sheets as complete.

  • Copy function for observations.  Reviewers can now copy an observation.
  • Scoring Rubric can be displayed in-line on the observations.  (This is a customer setting, please contact support@rightreasontech.com).
  • We've added a user permission to allow District Administrators to work collaboratively on Principal Evaluations.  Observers will be able to edit the same teacher observation. (contact support@rightreasontech.com to use this feature).

  • Bulk Score Edit Mode has been improved.  We've moved it to a separate page which will improve speed and reliability over the inline implementation.
  • Districts can choose to show the EOY exam choices in the beginning of year phase.  For districts that are loading all pre and post-test exams into the catalog, this allows teachers to choose the EOY exam in advance of the scores being loaded.  However, the exam entry must exist in the catalog.
  • District Administrators can now review any district SLO.
  • Building Administrators can review their building SLOs.
  • There are now separate required teacher lists for State and Local SLOs.
  • Bulk operations that were handled by the SLO Assign App are now being merged into RightPath™.   Template assignment and rostering will appear in this release.  This is a permission-based feature.
  • Load SLO Exam Scores have been updated with workflow improvements.   The page has also moved from the Utilities Menu, to the APPR>SLOs menu.