Planbook Customizations

Planbook elements are customizable and can be edited in the Planbook Settings View

Planbook Auto-Save

Both the Element Editing View and the Elements tab in the Detailed Item Edit auto save while moving from item to item or after pausing for a short period

Planbook Auto Scroll in Timeline View

Selecting an item in the list on the left will scroll to the item on the Gantt chart on the right if it is out of view.

Adding an item that falls below the bottom of the list will scroll to that item in the list.

Formative Assessment Creator Wizard

  • Can indicate how many multiple choice and open response questions for each PI
  • Can go back to the wizard to add more questions to a formative assessment. When adding additional questions the system will distinguish between questions that are already on the test, and the additional questions that are being added
  • Final Review Page Additions
    • Sorting by sequence or PI
    • Filter by “new questions” when adding additional questions
    • Can add similar questions
  • New “Assessment Balancing” Report is viewable when on the Final Review Page or on the Assessment’s lesson page
    • This report shows the balance of Depth of Knowledge levels across each standard covered

PA 82.1 Forms

Users who can view completed SLO final ratings can see which PA 82.1 forms do not have a reviewer provided SLO final rating

PA 82.2

  • New PA 82.2 forms can be initialized and filled out on RightPath
  • Assistant principals get reviewed by his/her building principal
  • Principals get reviewed by district admins


  • Bulk SLO Assign Pages have a school year dropdown like other APPR pages


  • Comments from an e-form artifact can be attached at the indicator level
  • Narrative notes "copy to" allows copying notes to the lowest level of an observation