APPR Process – Just the basics

1. All SLOs to be counted toward a teacher’s score must be completed for a score to be transferred to the HEDI Sheet.  This means:

a. A teacher has added students, baseline scores and targets, then had the SLO submitted for approval.

b. The reviewer has approved the SLO (setting it in EOY mode).

c. Now the teacher will add the end of year scores and submit the SLO.

d. The reviewer will approve the SLO and a score will be seen immediately on the SLO.

e. This score will be pulled into the HEDI sheets when they are initialized (see below).

2. All the evaluations that are going to be used to score teachers need to be in the status ‘Complete’.  I’m not sure what the requirement is at your district, but once the number of walkthroughs and formal evaluations have been completed, the reviewer must create an EOY evaluation that will pull in the other evaluations as needed. 

a. The reviewer will create and save the EOY observation and must ‘Complete’ it (click the disk icon, some reviewers forget this step.)

b. (If your district does this) The reviewer can then send it to the teacher via email by clicking the envelope icon on the evaluation search page grid.

c. The teacher will then open their RightPath Email and acknowledge their EOY.

d. A teacher doesn’t need to acknowledge the EOY for it to be populated to the HEDI, but it must be in at least the ‘Complete’ Status.

3. HEDI sheets are created.  If you need scores from the state sent to you for some of your teachers, their HEDI sheets can’t be completed until then.  This will be later in the year.

a. Navigate to APPR>HEDI Sheets >HEDI Sheets Search

b. Click the ‘Initialize’ button at the top of the screen and you will be directed to a new page. You can initialize by all buildings, individual building or by checking off a single teacher.  This is when all the completed scores are pulled into to the HEDI sheet.

c. A reviewer will open the HEDI sheet by searching for the teacher and clicking the pencil.  You can and should click the initialize button again to be sure you have the latest, greatest scores imported from the SLOs and the observations.  You can initialize as many times as you want.

d. The Scores will show in the Calculated Column and can be overridden. 

e. If you want transition scores to be reported to the state, you can click the transitions check box (this is new this year).

f. Click the Save button.

g. If all the scores have been included and the HEDI is complete; meaning they include:

· State Score (building score that you are waiting for) or SLO (state SLO score), most people only have one or the other but there may be exceptions

· Observation score

h. Click the Complete button.

4. Create the HEDI Sheet Status Report and Level 0 extract for the state.