Calendar Updates

We have added even more functionality to your calendar. 

Scheduling on Calendar

If you have A/B or Rotating schedules set up for one of your courses, the scheduling information will be displayed in the Day Header. 

Aligning to your School Calendar

If your scheduling has become mis-aligned because of a holiday or change to your school calendar, you can re-align your days. Simply click on the scheduling and choose the proper day for your rotation. This will align all the days going forward. 

Setting/Editing Lesson Times

If you have not set a time for your course, you will see Set Time listed and you can click that to set your time.  If you have set a time but need to modify the time for a particular do or for the course, you can click on the current time to edit it. 

Simplified Getting Started Wizard

New to Planbook Plus and just getting started.. you have some new options.

Choosing a Startup Style

Setup Your Courses

If you would like to setup your own courses you will go through our new simplified setup. Simply provide a few key pieces of information and you can get in quickly and start planning lessons. This option is great for hands-on learners.


Use Our Sample Courses

If you would like to jump in and explore the features without providing specific details, choose to use our sample courses. We have 4 sample courses with complete plans for you to explore. This option is best for visual learners that are looking to raidly evaluate our product.  

New In-Page Guided Tours

We have added on-screen guided tours that are accessible at any time for you to get help when you need it. Click on Need Help? to slide out the tours and choose one that fits your needs. You can close the tour and return to it whenever you need.

Editing your Lesson Plan Template

We have added options to rename, delete or add new elements to your lesson plan directly on the planner pages. 

Weekly Planner and Lesson Edit

Use the Pencil icon to edit the name of the element and Delete icon the element from your template. If you would like to add a new element, you can do that by clicking "Add New Element" at the bottom of your elements.