Access RTI Management

  1. Log in to RightPath™
  2. From the Data Center drop-down menu, choose RTI

Using the RTI Management

  1.  Using the drop-down menus, choose the parameters for the data to be viewed
  • Exam Type
  • School Year
  • Building/Grade
  • Teacher
  • Class
  • Student Group (User created student groups)
  • Student
  • RTI Filter
  • IEP Status

Building/Grade Level View

        2.    Click on a student’s name to view the Individual Student Profile


     3. Click on a school year to view/edit a student’s RTI information.
               (Only the current school year can be edited)

        4. RTI Tiers can be modified using the drop-down
                (Changes are automatically saved)

    5. To add IST Files and Interventions, click the + icon             next to the item name

Create a Student Group

  1. When viewing a Building/Grade, Teacher or Class, select the students using the check boxes to the right of the name in the list
  2. Click Create Group from Selected
  3. Create New Group or Add Students to Existing Group