Please Note:

This user guide is for creating an answer key for an assessment that is already owned by the district but not created in RightPath and a bubble sheet is needed for administration of the assessment. 

flag-1095057_960_720.png LEARNING OBJECTIVES


In this User Guide you will learn about the Assessment Creation Process.

  • Creating an exam
  • Creating an answer key
  • Adding standards to questions
  • Adding Performance Levels
  • Adding Comparison groups


book-1157658_960_720.png USER GUIDE

Creating the Exam

1. From the Data Center menu, select Assessment Search.

2. From the Bubbles Search page, click Add Assessment in the top right.  

3. Enter the Assessment Name and select Paper. Then click Add.

Please note: Make the name something that is distinguishable for you when looking in the data center. For example, Indicate school year, course, season/sequence. (19-20 Algebra Benchmark 1, 19-20 Spring Grade 3 Math Benchmark Form B)

4. General Information - you can change the exam name and edit the sharing of the assessment. 

5.  Answer Key

Note: All Extended Response questions will appear at the end of the assessment. Question numbers are generated automatically


Multiple Choice

Add the Multiple choice questions in that section. Type in the number of questions and click the '+' sign. Fill in the correct answer choice using the dropdown, and select the point value. If all the points are equal weighting, you can leave all the points as a value of 1. 

Extended Response

Add the Multiple choice questions in that section. Type in the number of questions and click the '+' sign. For each question, type in the possible points earned for each question. 

6.  Standards

Check off the question checkbox and use the actions button to assign standards to the questions, remove a standard for a question, or delete a question. 

NOTE: If there is a standard that is covered multiple times in the assessment, you can check off all the questions and attach the standard to all the questions at once. A question can ONLY be mapped to one standard. 

7.  Performance Levels
     In this section you can add performance levels and ranges and color code.

8.  Comparison Reporting Groups

You can use this section to add assessments to groups for comparison reports.

Create a new group each school year. Indicate the sequence number or word. To edit the group, click on the group name link. Make sure the order is correct by clicking on the name and using the drag arrows to arrange. 

NOTE: Comparison groups are for showing growth. The exam mappings should be similar to show growth on an assessment.