flag-1095057_960_720.png LEARNING OBJECTIVES


In this User Guide you will learn about the Assessment Administration Process.

  • Rostering an Exam
  • Printing the Bubble Sheets
  • Uploading and Scanning the Bubble Sheets
  • Reviewing the Student Answers
  • Scoring and Completing the Exam


book-1157658_960_720.png USER GUIDE

Rostering the Exam

To begin the process, click on 'Administer Assessment' from the Assessment Search screen. 

To add classes and rosters to the exam, click 'Add a Roster to Assessment.' Select individual classes or 'Create a New Roster' to create a custom grouping of classes or students. 

Creating a New Roster

Once you click 'Create a New Roster' you will provide a name of the roster and select whether you will be rostering by class or by student. Use the filters to narrow down the results and click the '+' sign next to the class to add it. You can add multiple classes to one roster. 

Click 'Next' and then review the roster and click 'Finish and Create Roster.' 


Prepare Assessment and Print Bubble Sheets

First click 'Prepare Answer Sheets' to generate them. Once they are generated, you can click 'Download.' The PDF will download. Print the bubble sheets.


Uploading and Scanning the Bubble Sheets

Once the tests are administered and the answer sheets are collected, they can be scanned. Scan these answer sheets as a PDF and choose Black and White for the color setting. A basic scanner can be used, as well as a document camera or even a phone/ipad app that takes pictures and converts them to a PDF.  

Click 'Upload' to begin uploading the student answer sheets. Drag the test images from the saved location or click on the box to browse for the test images on the computer.  Once all the images are chosen, click 'Upload Tests.'

Once the sheets are uploaded, you can upload additional sheets or you can manage the uploaded images in the 'Collect Answers' section. 

Reviewing Student Answers

Once sheets are uploaded, the student results can be reviewed. There are two different types of issues to review. 

Flagged Sheets

Flagged sheets have a problem at the answer sheet level. These sheets will be unable to be processed until they are resolved. For example, if the answer sheet was a blank sheet and the student name and ID were penciled in.


Exceptions are at the question level. The sheets can be processed but should be reviewed. Examples of exceptions include erasure marks, double answers, skipped questions, cross outs, etc.

Reviewing Exceptions

Click on the Exceptions link to be taken into the Review process. 

The system will take you to the first student with exceptions. The system bubbles are filled in based on what was determined by the scan. The question number will be highlighted in the Test Data and the Scanned Snapshot. 

Example - Question 8 - Scanned snapshot shows "A" crossed out. Uncheck "A" in the Test Data and the 'Not Reviewed' will change to reviewed. For a blank, you can click on Not Reviewed to review and approve the blank answer.  Click the "Save Data" button.

Navigate to students using the dropdown menu or jump to the next exception by clicking 'Next Exception.'

Scoring and Completing the Exam

There are a few steps in scoring and completing the exam. 

1. Once all the exceptions are taken care of, the assessment can be scored.  Click 'Score My Sheets' and then you can preview the reports that will display below.  

2. Review the reports after scoring, to be sure the data looks good. 

3. Once the entire roster has been uploaded, you can click the Checkmark complete icon. That will close out the processing options. This can be undone as needed. 

4. The last step is to publish the results. From the assessment search, click the Publish icon. See second picture below.