Adding a Unit

To add a unit to an existing curriculum, click the 'Add Unit' button on the curriculum page. 

Provide details and begin editing the unit

 Use the 'pencil' icon to edit the name of the unit. 

Use the dropdowns to select where the unit should be moved to.

Click the 'Delete Unit' button to remove the unit from the curriculum. 

Navigate to other units using the previous and next buttons.

Editing a Unit

Open the curriculum that you would like to edit. Click the pencil next to the unit name that you would ike to edit.

There are many actions that can be accomplished on the Edit Unit screen. Here is a list of the items and how to edit. 


Drag and Drop the lessons to change the order in which they are displayed. 

Edit the lesson attached

Click the pencil to search for a different lesson to place in the curriculum. 

Preview the lesson

Use the eyeglasses for a one-page preview of the lesson. 

Edit the lesson 

Click the 'Stack of Books' to edit the existing lesson that is attached. 

Add a new lesson

Click the Add Lesson Button at the top to add a new lesson to the bottom of the unit. 

        This is a lesson that must already exist in the library - if you haven't created that - you must do that first. 

Delete a lesson

Check the box next to the lesson name, and use the 'Actions' button to Delete Selected. 

Move a lesson to another unit 

Check the box next to the lesson and use the 'Actions Menu' to select the unit it should be moved to.