Q: How Do I Delete a plan book?

ANSWER: You can delete a plan book through the Planbook Search page. Click on the "My Planbooks" menu and select "Search Planbooks" to access Planbook Search. Click on the delete icon next to the plan book you would like to delete.

You can also inactivate a plan book, navigate to the plan book settings for that plan book and remove the check mark from the active box.

QHow Do I Delete a Lesson Plan?

ANSWER: A lesson plan can be deleted on the calendar by clicking on the "Trash Bin" icon next to the lesson plan. It will remove the lesson plan from the calendar and will bump back all your lessons. A lesson plan can also be deleted on the Timeline by selecting the lesson plan in the outline and clicking "Delete" on your keyboard. 

**If you would like to add a New lesson on that day - click the "gear" icon and select "Insert a New Lesson." If you want to restore a new lesson on that day - you can select the "gear" icon for that lesson plan and select "Restore Lesson." 

Q: Can I add a PowerPoint?

ANSWER: Yes, you can add a PowerPoint under the Resources tab in the Lesson Plan. You can access the Lesson Plan details by clicking on the lesson plan name, Using the "gear" icon and selecting "Edit Lesson," or clicking on "Details" for the lesson plan on the timeline.  Once you are in the lesson plan edit, you can click on the "Resources" tab. Once on the resources tab, you would select the resource type as new file and upload the file. The file can't be larger than 5MB. 

Q: How do I add a lesson plan?


From the Calendar:

If you do not have a lesson planned for a particular day, you will see a placeholder in the calendar titled Add New LessonClick on the placeholder and provide a name

From the Timeline:

The second way to add a lesson is from Timeline View. On Timeline view you would click "+ Add Item Below"

From the Weekly Planner:

The third way to add a lesson is from Weekly Planner. Click on "Add New Lesson"

Q: How do I print the Calendar View?

ANSWER:  If you want to print the weekly calendar as it appears in the calendar view in planbook plus, you can press the print button from the calendar view screen. There are other options for printing from the weekly planner and reports tab which will give you a formatted outline of general information, elements, standards, and resources. The Weekly planner will print the entire week. The reports tab gives you the option of printing the day, unit or week. 

Q: How do I Add Standards?

ANSWER: You can add standards by first clicking on the lesson from either the Calendar, Weekly planner, or Time line view on the right side in the blue box. This brings you to the Item Edit screen. From here you can click on the standards tab. Once you click "Add Standards" a box will pop up where you will add your state, subject, and grade. You can search through the standards by using the search field or click the small arrow to expand each standard. Click each standard you would like to attach them click finish. You also have the option of adding your own standard description by clicking edit and typing or copy & paste into the text box. Then Save.

Q: How do I add a one-time special circumstance, like a field trip or assembly to my Planbook?

ANSWER: You can add a field trip or assembly from the calendar by selecting no lesson today for that planbook under the gear icon. You can Access holidays under planbook settings thorugh no lesson and no school days as well. Click edit next to the type of non teaching event/holiday needed. On the holiday setup screen, name the holiday/event. Select a date from the pop up calendar or from the calendar from the left. Then press the green+ sign. You will see your Event listed below and highlighted on the calendar on the left side of the screen. You can delete by pressing the red - sign to the right of the event/holiday.

Q: How do I add a Specials, or a recurring event such as bus duty, art class, or lunch?

ANSWER: You can access the specials in the Planbook Search page. You can get to the page by using the My Planbooks menu and selecting Search Planbooks. 

At the bottom of the page you will find the "Specials section". Click "Add new special". Add Name Start and end date as well as start and end time to add it to your schedule.

Q: How do I copy a lesson element design to another Planbook?

ANSWER: You can copy a lesson design to any planbook by "Append Design". This will give your the same Element Names and order. Start on your desired planbook to copy. Click Planbook settings, then the Design tab. At the bottom of the screen you will find Append Design. From here you will choose a planbook you would like to copy to. You can also preview the current design of the planbook in which you are coping to. Click "+Append" to copy the design.

Q: How do I add a Reflection to my lesson?

ANSWER: You can add reflections to your lesson in two ways. The First way is by uploading your reflection as a file. Access Item edit screen for the lesson by clicking on the lesson on the calendar, in the timeline on the right side, or from the weekly planner. From Planbook Item edit screen click the Resources tab. Once you are on the resources tab, you will select new file and upload the file.

The second way to add a reflection is to create a custom Element. On the Planbook Item Edit Screen, Click the Elements tab. On the elements tab, on the top right hand side you will see "customize element design"

From this page you want to scroll down to Add a new field

From here you can name the new field "reflections" as multi-line text. Then click the "+Add" button. Once you create the new field, You can return to the Item Edit page by clicking "Return to Item Edit" at the top of the page. Once you are back to the elements find the field you created and enter your text.