Planbook – Student Sharing

Much of the information in a Planbook can and likely should be shared with students, while some of it should remain private. Planbook Plus offers sharing of lesson elements and lesson resources with students by creating a shared link. The student sharing screen looks like the Planbook Calendar and shows only the elements and resources you choose to show. There are two steps for sharing with students:

  1. Determine what elements and/or resources will be shared with students and when ready, setting them visible for the students

  1. Determine what Planbook or group of Planbooks will be shared and create a shared link

Step 1: Setting Sharing Options

By default only basic information like Planbook lesson names will be visible to the student. Lesson elements and resources can be made visible as well.


Sharing lesson elements is chosen per element on the Planbook’s element design screen. There are four  options for student sharing. This option determines how the element’s information is made visible for each lesson.

  1. Shared Manually – The visibility can be toggled. This option gives the most flexibility and would be used for information that will be released to students periodically.

  1. Shared Immediately – The element will always be displayed for students.

  1. Not Shared – The element will never be displayed for students.

  2. Shared on Date– The element will display for students on the date of 


Sharing resources is chosen per Planbook Lesson’s resource. 

Linked Lessons

Like resources, Linked Lessons will always have the “Shared Manually” sharing option.

Setting Visibility

Based on the sharing option selected for each element, a checkbox could display on the calendar for that element to toggle its visibility for the students. The following screenshot shows each option’s behavior on the calendar:

Step 2: Managing Shared Elements

To manage sharing elements, click the 'Design' tab in the Planbook’s Settings:

Step 3: Sharing with Students and Parents

To share your plans with students and parents you can create a unique link to share on your class website or syllabus.

1. Click 'My Planbooks'

2. Select 'Student Sharing

To create a shared link, enter a link name (just for organization – this will only display on this screen) and an optional password that students will need to enter in order to access the shared link. Then select the Planbooks that are associated with that shared link. Each Planbook chosen for a link will be visible using that link.

This is useful when teaching multiple sections or subjects. For example, a group of students might need access to the Science and Math Planbooks using one link, while others might need access to the Social Studies Planbook using another link.


Once added, the URL can be given to students for accessing the shared view.

Student View – Using the Shared Link URL

With the settings chosen in the above screenshots, the student view would look like the following:

Notice that only the checked elements/resources show for the student.