Class Homepage (Teacher View)

Each class within the system has its own page where all the information pertaining to that class is kept. These pages can be launched by clicking on the class name under the Classes menu in the top navigation. 

The main components of the Classroom Homepage are: 

  • Overview 
  • People 
  • Profile 
  • Resources 
  • Password Resets 
  • Custom Pages 
  • View Student Notebooks 


Overview Page

Class Calendar: Use the Add New Calendar Event to add items to the calendar. Click the View All Calendar Events to see the month view calendar. 

Assignments Widget: This widget functions the same as the eLearning Dashboard except it will display only the class assignments

Forum: To promote class discussion, use the Forum Discussion. Click Create New Thread button

Pacing Guides: If a Pacing Guide is attached to the class, click on the name of the Pacing Guide to view it.

Curriculum: If a curriculum is attached to the class, click on the name of the curriculum to view it. 

People Page

This tab contains a list of all the students currently enrolled in the class as well as the helpers for the class. From this view, teachers can send mail to students and helpers, generate Rosters with student usernames and modify which helpers are associated with the class. 

Profile Page

This section contains the profiles for both the teacher and class. A teacher profile consists of a teacher photo and a description about the teacher. The class profile contains a text description about the class.

Resources Page 

This tab contains these four resources for a class: “Class Resources,” “Online Textbooks,” “Your Bookmarks,” and “Classroom Files.” 

Password Reset Page

This page can be used to reset the password of students in this class. To reset a password, the user should select a student, provide a password, and click the ‘Reset Password’ button. 

Adding a Custom Class Page

Any teacher can add custom pages to their classroom homepage. On the top of the page, click the Add New Page button. Then create a Title for the page and choose if you want this page to be viewable to the Public. 

Once the page is completed, click View this Page to preview the page or click Save when it is completed.