The Diagnostics Dashboard will help you with the workflow from assigning assessments for a diagnosticdriven program to assigning out the Individual Learning Plans. 

Assigning the Initial Assessment

The students will need an assessment assigned to them. This is done using the traditional assigning pages and the assessment search. Once an assessment is assigned to a student in the class, the rest of the process (including assigning more students to the same assessment.)

Attach the Exam to the Dashboard Class

Attach the exam to the Diagnostics Dashboard. Many classes will take multiple assessments throughout the year. The Diagnostics Dashboard needs to know which assessment to look at. 

1. Using the "Lessons Menu" go to Diagnostics Dashboard. 

2. Your classes will appear and you will click "Add an Exsisting Diagnostic."

3. Choose the DIagnostic from the List. Then you will be able to expand to see a status summary. 

Diagnostic Details

Once a diagnostic is attached, you can expand the class to see a summary. Click on the exam to view the details, assign lessons and track progress. 

Testing and Lessons

The top portion of the dashboard is designed to help you track who has been assigned the diagnostic and who is in need of lessons being assigned from the diagnostic results. 

**A diagnostic must be assigned to at least one student to begin using the dashboard. 

Unassigned Column - This will let you know if there are any students enrolled in the class that has not been assigned to the diagnostic. If there is more than one student listed, you can click "Assign All" to assign the diagnostic to everyone in the list.  If the student doesn't need to take the diagnostic you can click "skip" next to their name. 

Grade Test - If there is any assessment that is not graded, you can click on the student and view and update the gradefor that student. 

Assign Lessons - As soon as a student submits the assessment, they will appear in the Assigned Lessons Column. You will see their grade on the assessment. You can click "Assign" or "skip" based on if they should get lessons or not. If there are multiple students you can click the "Assign All" button. 

Tracking Lesson Progress

As students are assigned tolessons, they will appear in the Lesson Progress Section. 

In the Lesson Progress summary, you will see the student assessment score, a completion status bar (showing percent, # of lessons and average), and an indicator for how many lessons need attention.  Click on a student to see their detailed progress. 

Color Coded Status

Each lesson is color coded to show the status.You can click on the status at the top to filter to those lessons. 

Lesson Progress

For each lesson in Lesson Progress, you can edit the grade, release grade using the toggle, View the Submit date, unassign/reassign and view the student work.