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In this User Guide you will learn about the Assessment Administration Process.

  • Rostering an Exam by Building, Class and Teacher
  • Sharing the Assessment with Teacher


book-1157658_960_720.png USER GUIDE

Rostering the Exam

**Rosters will need to be created By Building, Course and Teacher. They will be rostered by the testadmin account and then shared with the teacher. A roster MUST contain one only teacher and contain all the classes taught by that teacher for the course being assessed.**

**Rosters will then be delegated to each teacher, so they can prepare bubbles and process the results.**

1. Navigate to the Assessment Search page by hovering over Data Center Menu and selecting Assessment Search. 

2. Click Administer Assessment for the assessment you would like to roster. 

3. Click Add a Roster button. If you have created rosters, you may see them in the "My Rosters" section. If this is the first time, you will click Create a New Roster

**The first assessment of the year, you will need to create new rosters. They can then be re-used throughout the school year for future exams.** 


Creating a New Roster

1. Click Create New Roster

2. Provide a Name - Name should be Bldg-Course-Teacher (Ex. HS-Alg-JSmith)

3. Use the filters to search. Select the Building first, then the course name and then you can further limit the results by teacher. 

4. Click the '+' sign next to each class for the teacher roster to add it. You can add multiple classes to one roster. 

Click 'Next' and then review the roster and click 'Finish and Create Roster.' 


Sharing the Roster to Teacher 

1. Click the Change Owner link for each roster. 


2. Search for the name of the teacher and then click "Make Owner"

3. This will move the roster from 'My Roster' to 'Delegate Roster' section. 

**As the testadmin (and owner of the assessment) you can view the status of each delegated roster to see that the process is being completed. 

Deleting a Roster

1) Change Owner to Admin
2) Unpublish the Exam by clicking on the main search pageimage
3) Go into the roster section of the exam and delete the roster by clicking on the trash can located on THE ROSTER. 

4) Go back to the main search page and click the PUBLISH button to republish.